FA YSDN 3106: Fall 2011

Week 11: Update on Installations

1. 1st Install Date: Mon, Nov 28th
after Dr Gill’s class takes their displays down
A. Adam & Project Coordinators: Each are responsible for getting & returning keys to Design Dept- Jane at front desk. Office is open M-F: 8a-430p

2. Posters: Michelle & Tabitha
A. Template- Tabitha will post a PDF on this blog for ALL 3 groups- Grids, Multiplicities, Grids- to use for reference
B. Printing & Posting: Michelle will print out 5 (not 3) copies of each & post them on Weds, Nov 30. Each group must post their poster on class blog BY Tues, Nov 29th!

3. Design: Joohee & Han
A. Please remind each group to provide a means of feedback for viewers- writing tablets, notebooks, etc.

4. Writers: Vicky
A. All writers met & planned copy coordination between all groups.
B. Vicky, could you upload (in comment section below) the final overarching statement you all came up with please?


Look forward to seeing the results/findings of your ‘Applied Visual Research’ Projects!


  Joohee wrote @

Hi, does any one can tell me where can I find the poster template? Thanks 🙂 -Joohee-

  C Ishino wrote @

Could NOT upload to WordPress, so sent via York email- just have to click on ‘Attachments,’ open file, then download Indesign file to your desktop to use.

Will resend right now via email via Apple Mail, NOT York’s email.

  MichelleW wrote @

In item number 2.A., I think you mean Belinda, not Tabitha. In the last class, it was Belinda who ended up with the task of making the template. Unless you’ve spoken to Belinda and things have changed?

  C Ishino wrote @

naw.. my bad. thnx for correction. best, ci

  Belinda wrote @

Tabitha is not posting the grid, I am (Belinda) I’ll be posting it by Monday

  C Ishino wrote @

opps, sorry… many thnx! cishino

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