FA YSDN 3106: Fall 2011

Class Poster Grid Reference

Feel free to use Class Grid provided, but you do NOT have to use it literally. So instead of headings directly like WHERE?- just use as references of what copy to provide below the cutlines- Design Department, TEL Building, 4006- 4th Floor.

If you have further questions, pls do not hesitate to send me a draft and I’ll crit it for you, if you’d like.

Class Grid for Project 4’s Posters

Pls add the following to your posters as ‘body copy’ i.e. smaller than headline.
& we’ll post all of them this FRIDAY, DEC 2nd after class

OCCUPY THE PUBLIC SPHERE: (Group Name- Dundas, China Town, AGO, Queen West, TCC, Bike Lanes)
Design Department
TEL Building, 4006- 4th Floor
Image & Influence, FA YSDN 3106A

[OPTIONAL] Names of members of your group, list alphabetically

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