FA YSDN 3106: Fall 2011

Class Action: Week 3 Updates

1. All Books on Reserve Shelf, EXCEPT for Visual Research (that is online now, so pls see Michelle’s comments on Blog). Second hard copies are ordered for 3 day checkout.

2.Class on Week 3

a. 830-900a= Reading Response Discussions (ex cr, 1 pt/ea for total of 8 pts for Lecture readings, ‘Intro to Design & Culture’ by Penny Sparke

b. 9-930a= Screenings of film clips– Debord, The Spectacle of Society; Chaplin, Modern Times; Bauhaus

c. 930-10a- Lecture 3: ‘Influence of Technology on Image,’from Sparke’s book

d. 10a-1130a- Visit & Discuss Curation of Cases on Design Floor

1) Discuss dates of takedown
a) December 2011: last week of exams (@ 3 weeks)
b) OR end of January 2012: Winter Semester (@ 2 months)

e. Change of calendar (will post this weekend)
1) Week 10: after Nov 30th- takedown & install cases
2) Week 11: Crit of installations
3) Week 12: Group formal documentation of project- hard copy & digital

Class Action Plan: Week 3

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