FA YSDN 3106: Fall 2011

Weekly Class Action

1. All Books on Reserve Shelf, EXCEPT for Visual Research (that is online now, so pls see Michelle’s comments on Blog). Second hard copies are ordered for 3 day checkout.

2.Class on Week 3

a. 830-900a= Reading Response Discussions (ex cr, 1 pt/ea for total of 8 pts for Lecture readings, ‘Intro to Design & Culture’ by Penny Sparke

b. 9-930a= Screenings of film clips– Debord, The Spectacle of Society; Chaplin, Modern Times; Bauhaus

c. 930-10a- Lecture 3: ‘Influence of Technology on Image,’from Sparke’s book

d. 10a-1130a- Visit & Discuss Curation of Cases on Design Floor

1) Discuss dates of takedown
a) December 2011: last week of exams (@ 3 weeks)
b) OR end of January 2012: Winter Semester (@ 2 months)

e. Change of calendar (will post this weekend)
1) Week 10: after Nov 30th- takedown & install cases
2) Week 11: Crit of installations
3) Week 12: Group formal documentation of project- hard copy & digital

Class Action Plan: Week 3

UPDATE: Week 6
1) Film Screenings: Paul Rand & Lena Riefenstahl
2) Lecture on “Modernism & Design”
3) Break
4) RnR discussion
5) Group work

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