FA YSDN 3106: Fall 2011

Course Participation & Absenteeism – YU’s Policy

FYI, because of YU regulations I must ask you to submit a hard copy note if you are not being able to attend class i.e. if you are ill (a note from your doctor is preferrable) or if ‘compassionate grounds’, or other reasonable absenteeism.

Just so you all know, after 2 (unexplained) absentees in a row, I’m required to submit this to the Dept of Design as they have follow-up with you to see what’s going on.

DEPT OF DESIGN’S OFFICIAL POLICY on Attendance and lateness:
“Regular and punctual attendance is required professional behaviour in industry and therefore in this program. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. Students are responsible for letting faculty know ahead of time if they are going to be late for class, or not attending.

Being late twice equals one absence. Lateness of more than thirty minutes equals one absence. If a student is absent from four classes during the term, a grade of “F” will be given for the course. Exceptions to the lateness penalty for valid reasons such as illness, compassionate grounds, etc., may be entertained by the Course Instructor but will require supporting documentation (e.g., a doctor’s letter).

Students will be responsible for all academic, financial penalties and consequences resulting from their non-attendance.”

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