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REMINDER: Final Documentation due Fri, Dec 16 BY 12 noon

Please do not forget to ask Jane Mester at Design Department’s front desk to place your final hard copy process work in my office mailbox.

Any work submitted after this date will lose 30% of their grade.

Thanks & happy holidays to you all,


Create a ‘hard copy’ documentation of your process work. Organize with a cover, title page, full accreditation for each group member, table of contents, section headings, and page numbers.

ALSO accordingly add YSDN attribution- “Image & Influence, FA YSDN 3106A, Fall 2011, Professor Catherine Ishino” to the back, & inside flap of book(let).

1) Your thesis statement, as related to your Images’ Influence on Habermas’ Public Sphere, & used for the display cases
2) Other associated text, included in display cases

Other Documentation
1) Sketches, notes & correspondence with group members
2) Annotated bibliographies of combined group efforts
3) Printouts of group presentation slides
4) Poster announcing class exhibition
5) Image documentation of final installation
6) Other supporting materials, your group believes relevant

A. Relationship to notion of ‘Public Sphere’
B. Clarity of Documentation
C. Visual Narrative
D. Written Narrative
E. Package Design

ATTENTION: Aya has keys for cases

Could you please let everyone know that I have the ONLY key to the cases? I
unlocked all of them (except the last 2 at the end because those are not ours
as far as I know, and I also did not unlock the packaging case and the one with
the Design and Master of Design posters right next to the type room. Everything
else is unlocked). Just so people don’t freak out when Jane or Antonia tell
them they don’t have the key- they don’t need it.

You did the ‘right thing’ about leaving the first two cases alone.
Thanks for taking responsibility for the class.

Colour Palette for Wayfinding

1) Am unsure what colour stands for what group?
A) pls specify and note in the ‘comment’ area below & post which colours are meant for what group.

2) There are Three Major Groups- Grids, Multiplicities & Museums, AND Six smaller groups- TCC/Bike Lanes, Dundas Square/Chinatown, AGO/ Queen West.
A) So there seems to be too many- 3 not 5, OR not enough 5 vs the needed 6.

So if you could address this in your palette sent to me, it would be much appreciated.

thnx! ci

Chinatown Poster Draft

China Town Poster- Draft

Pls add the following to your posters as ‘body copy’ i.e. smaller than headline.
& we’ll post all of them this FRIDAY, DEC 2nd after class, eh?

Design Department
TEL Building, 4006- 4th Floor
Image & Influence, FA YSDN 3106A

[OPTIONAL] Names of members of your group, list alphabetically


Looks good &… is reflective of your installation idea @ China Town w red strings & pix of individuals- good!

I suggest you add:
1) more specific location of display i.e. Design Department, 4006
2) title of entire class project- OCCUPY THE PUBLIC SPHERE
3) Class Info: Image & Influence, FA YSDN 3106A
4) Your area’s stance in relationship to Habermas’ notion of the ‘Public Sphere’ such as ?

Toronto’s China Town is comprised of ‘mom & pop’ stores that have been started one place at a time. Therefore, this organic [visual imagery] development, over a span of ? years, has created an atmosphere reflective more of ‘Private Spheres’ situated inside the overall & larger [& influential] ‘Public Sphere’ that now comprises China Town. Also, the stories of the people, who live & work in this part of the City, are tales of individuals who have travelled long distances & overcome many obstacles to become a part of today’s Chinatown.


Week 12: Posters- copy & deadline moved to Fri, Dec 2

Pls add the following to your posters as ‘body copy’ i.e. smaller than headline.
& we’ll post all of them this FRIDAY, DEC 2nd after class.

OCCUPY THE PUBLIC SPHERE: (Your area of town- Dundas, AGO, TTC, etc)
Design Department
TEL Building, 4006- 4th Floor
Image & Influence, FA YSDN 3106A

[OPTIONAL] Names of members of your group, list alphabetically

REMINDER: Rough Drafts Due from Each Group

Writers, please bring your rough drafts of the copy you plan to integrate into your 3D models.


Toronto Vintage Photos & Map References

Chinatown- 2010-09-27

Click to access 2010-09-27_panels_7-8_chinatown.pdf

Dundas Square: Legos Advert for NY Times

Made from Legos

Sachiko Akinaga.

As an expert Lego sculptor, Akinaga has enviably turned child’s play into a profession. From animal musicians to jumbo parfaits, Akinaga has created intricate worlds of whimsy. Here, she shares some of her brick-building insights with The Moment.
What fascinates you about Legos?
As a graphic designer, I’ve always been fascinated with dot-matrix art and pixelations. Simiarly, Legos create a pixelated effect, like here with the T logo. The human eye, though, will smooth out the T to erase the lines of pixelation, so to speak. Similarly the trees, though square on the edges, appear round. I love how the brain trains the eye to see things in this way.
What do you love about your work?
What I love about Legos is, you can always redo your work, as many times as needed. I don’t redo my work that often, but I like having the option — it gives me the impetus to keep on going.
T stands for _______________.
The word tanoshii, or fun, in Japanese. In every project I do, I hope to create something fun. If the viewer finds enjoyment in what I do, I have succeeded. It also has a surprise. There are four people reading The New York Times. See if you can spot them!”

Marks to date posted Week 11, Nov 19

Please check ‘Moodle’ out for your marks to date.

NOTE: They are NOT your final marks & do not show the differing weights of each assignment.

Catherine Ishino


You may begin to install your 3D work after Dr Gill’s class has taken theirs down @ mid-week, Thurs, Nov 24

Our final class crit will be on Week 12, so work must be installed by Dec 2

More vinyl for lettering has been ordered and should be in next week. Right now there’s available the colours white, brown, & pink. Loris has asked you seek his help BEFORE you start working on the equipment.

REMINDER: the displays are to be taken down by the last week in January 2012, as the Senior Show work will need time to have the designs up by the first week in February.